Healing Depression Without Medication

by Tara Springett

For more information have a look at Tara's book
For more information have a look at Tara’s book

Over the last twenty years the consumption of anti-depressants has sky-rocketed. I recently read that in the US one in four women at the age of 50  takes anti-depressants. That is a truly saddening statistic in my eyes.

But what shocks me even more is how many psychotherapists I have recently spoken to are taking anti-depressants themselves, while seeing nothing wrong with this situation. If even these therapists cannot help themselves, what hope is there?

I feel it is important that someone offers healing for depression without medication as these pills are dangerous for our long-term health and do not perform better than placebos, anyway *. In my work with hundreds and maybe even thousands clients  I have been very successful in helping them to overcome their depressive feelings.

How can we heal depression without medication?

My basic approach to depression is that I have a really positive view of human nature. In keeping with Buddhist teaching I believe (and also experience in myself) that deep inside we all have a source of joy, love and happiness that never dries up. The only thing that can happen is that we have inadvertently covered up this source of happiness through a thin layer of negative thinking and subsequent negative feeling. This covering-up process is often triggered through upsetting and saddening experiences with people who have betrayed out trust.

The method of higher-consciousness healing uses pure love as the healing agent. I will show you how to use this method to learn to love yourself with all your weaknesses and imperfections. Doing this will lessen the depression by roughly 50% in most clients.

I will also show you how to use compassion to let go from the hurt and resentment towards the people who have hurt you in the past.  Doing this is more than simply forgiving and forgetting. It is a profound process in which you will become truly liberated from your past.

Once we have dealt with all possible self-loathing and traumas of your past (without re-visiting them in any detail) I will show you how to directly access the source of happiness deep within you that I have talked about at the beginning of the article. Doing this is not difficult but we need to be shown how to do it. Once you have let go from your past hurts and you can access this source of inner happiness your depression will be gone for good.

Higher-consciousness healing is a simple practice that everybody can learn within minutes and it has been proven to cure depression with days or a few weeks when used regularly. Please check out these testimonials to find out more.

* Please click here for scientific proof that antidepressants do not work any better than placebos.

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