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How to Find Your SoulmateHow to Find Your Soulmate – A Story About Finding True Love

by Tara Springett

Julia is 35, single and trying very hard to be happy that way. One day she meets Jane, an old lady in a small palm-reading shop who predicts a happy marriage for her. Jane also promises to transform Julia into a beautiful swan if she is willing to follow her teachings to the letter.

Against Julia’s wishes, her desire to meet her soulmate reawakens amid a flurry of inner resistance and conflicting feelings. After all, none of Julia’s friends has a happy relationship and they all agree that all the ‘good men’ have long been taken. Julia’s confusion becomes even greater when she tries to reconcile the advice given by Jane with the teachings she is receiving in her Buddhist group.

Will Julia learn to harmonise her conflicting emotions, clarify her spiritual attitudes and find a true soulmate? Follow her journey in this book and find out for yourself…and perhaps some of the advice given to her may be helpful for you, too!

Tara Springett M.A. is a qualified Buddhist teacher since 1997; a qualified psychotherapist since 1990 and a successful self-help book author. Tara has been helping clients from all over the world to find love, success and happiness by applying the lessons outlined in HOW TO FIND YOUR SOULMATE .

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 Karen (38 years):

I really loved the book and could not put it down. I could totally identify with Julia and the struggles she went through to find a partner. Like her, I do not want to settle for a better-than-nothing-relationship. I want a partner with whom I can grow and develop. The book gave me valuable insights about how can achieve this aim. It is also a real page turner and fun to read.  

How to Find Your Soulmate