Manifesting Your Desires

The Law of Attraction

by Tara Springett

To find more information click here to have a look at Tara's book
To find more information click here to have a look at Tara’s book

I have worked with the law of attraction for 27 years and I can attest to the fact that it works brilliantly. In the beginning my results were small and not very impressive because I did not understand the law of attraction very well and I did not really trust the idea that my own state of mind is the crucial point that determines my reality. But over time my understanding and trust grew and so did my ability to manifest my dreams.

I can now say that everything good in my life – my health, my emotions, the successes in my work, my home and my relationships have all come into existence after using the techniques described in my book Advanced Manifesting.

I am a Buddhist teacher and some people may ask (rightly) how manifesting and Buddhism go together because the Buddha said in his second Noble Truth that desire is the source of all suffering. And obviously the Buddha is right – it is all those misdirected desires that makes most people’s  life a misery.

But denying our desires is not the answer either. Tibetan Buddhism shows us a third way of dealing with our desires between being a slave to them and trying to suppress them.

The most important lesson that we can take from Tibetan Buddhism about manifesting our dreams is that only those wishes that have love at their core will lead to happiness. Once we direct our desires only on to loving wishes our life will unfold in ever greater states of happiness.

By comparison, every wish that has foremost our own happiness at its core will lead to dissatisfaction after only a short time. How does this advice look in practice? Basically we need to look at our wish, whatever it is, and ask ourselves sincerely how we can use this very desire to make everybody happy.

Doing this sounds more complicated than it actually is. When wishing for a partner for example, we can envisage making our future children happy and also our families and friends who will be inspired to see such a happy couple. When running a business we can focus on customer satisfaction instead of profit alone and make sure that our product is ethically sound and environmentally friendly.

By focussing on love and combining it with our deepest passions we will have enormous energy and this energy will only bring happiness. In that way we will gain even more energy so that we can focus on even more altruistic desires, which in turn will bring even more happiness to ourselves and the world.

If we focus on wishes that are more or less selfish, a negative karmic force is put into action and we will end up unhappy even if we succeed in seducing the person of our dreams or making a lot of money. As a result a downward spiral is set into motion that will deprive us of energy and we will be even less successful with our future wishes.

According to Tibetan Buddhism the world that surrounds us originates in our chakras – the energy centres along our spine. The more positive and loving the images we hold in our mind the purer and more energetic our chakras will be and our manifesting process will go more smoothly.

For people who have fully mastered this dynamic it sometimes takes only one concentrated thought to see it manifested in the tangible world. For the rest of us it may take a little longer. But the very process of purifying our chakras and becoming more loving is so rewarding in itself that the entire journey of developing the powers of our mind is one great joyful adventure. I wish you the best of luck in manifesting your altruistic dreams.  

In order to find out more and find a revolutionary chakra exercise that serves like a short-cut to manifesting your dreams view my book Advanced Manifesting.

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