Learn about kundalini, its benefits and problems and how you can deal with all the challenges that may arise.

Kundalini healing Tara offers sessions for those who seek help for troublesome energy symptoms. Overall, her approach is very effective. Read more

Kundalini symptoms or ascension symptoms:Tara explains all about the symptoms that can occur in the process of an awakening. These symptoms can be as varied as there are people but there are also some common denominators. Read more

Help for troublesome Kundalini awakening symptoms: Here you can find general guide-lines about what you can do, if you are going through an awakening and suffer from uncomfortable symptoms. Read more

Chakras explained: Tara describes the energy-system from a Tibetan Buddhist point of view. You will learn how you can use this view to change your life. Read more

Kundalini Awakening: Learn all about an awakening and how it can benefit and enrich your life. Tara has gone through this process herself and can help you to make it a success. Read more

Kundalini Syndrome: Tara is an experienced therapist who can help you to find relief from uncomfortable symptoms during an awakening process. Read more

Spiritual emergency or crisis: Tara explains what you can do if you find yourself in a crisis that has been caused through the overuse of spiritual practices or meditation or through spiritual confusion. Read more

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