Kundalini Symptoms

by Tara Springett

To find more information click here to have a look at Tara's book
To find more information click here to have a look at Tara’s book

Kundalini symptoms (also called ascension symptoms) can be caused by a multitude of events. Some of my clients experienced the classical scenario of developing these problems after intensive meditation but I have also talked to others who developed symptoms after participating in a laughter workshop or after they used some Taoist methods that they read about in a book.  In other cases, symptoms started after an intensive erotic encounter that was never consummated.

I myself experienced troubling symptoms after a period of intensive bioenergetic therapy 28 years ago.

Classical kundalini or ascension awakening symptoms are described as tingling, shaking, a sense of crawling insects under one’s skin, or energy rushing up one’s spine. But in my work as a kundalini therapist, I find that kundalini is foremost an event of the mind and only secondarily of the body.

I have found in my clients and myself that kundalini almost always brings a general increase of emotions and the experience of over-sensitivity. People and situations that could be tolerated before become suddenly unbearable. Emotions that were minor start running out of control and people may find themselves engulfed in strong feelings of despair, anxiety or anger.

But  positive feelings are enlarged as well and people may find themselves in feelings of ecstasy and bliss that were totally out of reach before the awakening. Our awareness is heightened as well, which may lead to clairvoyance, wisdom and amazing creativity.

A kundalini awakening (or ascension) will ultimately help us to reach our final potential of enlightenment. So overall kundalini can be described as a general amplification of what is going on in our mind – good and bad.

If we can lead a healthier and more wholesome life and keep our mind as positive and loving as possible, then our kundalini process will be more pleasant. But even the most benign kundalini development will contain challenges because during this process the gateways of our unconscious mind will be opened leading us to confront material that we’d rather not know about.

These feelings may include inappropriate sexual urges, megalomaniac ideas about ourselves, frightening memories and even visions of the supernatural that may be very confusing and disconcerting. It is totally understandable that people buckle under the onslaught of this confusing array of symptoms.

Many of my clients wish that they could stop the kundalini but it is important to understand that this is no more possible than reversing puberty. Just as with puberty, the only way is forward and we need to learn to live with our heightened sensitivity just like we had to learn to live with our newly awakened sexual drive.

I have found with my clients that physical symptoms usually subside if the emotional, spiritual and relationship related issues are being dealt with. It is the attempt to repress these problems that creates most of the pains and pressure feelings during a kundalini awakening. These dynamics may have happened before the kundalini awakening but once kundalini is present they become more noticeable.

This process will be made a lot easier if we have an experienced guide who can explain to us what is happening and help us to steer through all the pitfalls of this often difficult process in order to finally reap its most wonderful rewards.

How I help people suffering from kundalini symptoms

I have very good results with helping people to alleviate and even eliminate all problematic kundalini and ascension symptoms. In order to do this I use the process of higher-consciousness healing which uses pure love for healing. By first pinpointing the problem and then penetrating it with pure love, even the most complicated problems can be resolved within a few weeks or months. This is my overwhelming experience from working with many hundreds of people over the last 15 years.

Tara Springett is a fully qualified and licensed psychotherapist and Buddhist teacher who has specialised in working with people who suffer from kundalini syndrome. She offers skype/phone sessions. Find more information herekundalini healing

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