Kundalini Problems: Head Pressure

To find more information click here to have a look at Tara's book
To find more information click here to have a look at Tara’s book

A number of my clients suffer from head pressure. These are feelings of having a weight pressing down on your skull from above, from the sides or from inside out. The pressure can vary in intensity from mild to unbearable but is still distinct from ordinary headaches as this pressure does not really hurt. It is just very uncomfortable.

I have seen teachers on youtube who advise people to let the excess energy trickle down into the other chakras or to imagine pushing or pulling on this pressure to move or disperse it. In my experience with hundreds of kundalini clients, this approach will only make matter worse. Why is this so?

We do not have a plumbing system of energy in our body

Even though it is tempting to think of our energy body as a sort of plumbing system with tubes and vents, the reality is completely different. Our energy system is more like clouds of gases that merge and mingle and sometimes cramp up. Or even better, you can imagine it as different coloured streams of water that weave and intermingle and sometimes freeze into ice. These different coloured water streams are our thoughts and emotions and when we try to suppress these thoughts and emotions they “freeze“ and we experience them as “blocks“ in our mind and body.

Energy problems in our head have to do with suppressed thoughts

The head chakras (forehead and crown) have to do with the mental part of our being which consists of our thoughts, concepts and beliefs on the intellectual and spiritual levels. When we experience head pressure we are literally suppressing certain thoughts that we do not want to think. It is this suppression that we experience as the head pressure and it happens completely unconsciously. People without kundalini also often unconsciously suppress certain thoughts but due to their greater unawareness they do not feel the pain of this suppression – they are more numb.

Why do we suppress certain thoughts?

In the kundalini process, a thirst awakens in us for expanded consciousness and more spirituality. However, there may be still parts of our old ego alive that do not want to have certain spiritual insights and defend themselves by rigorously suppressing ideas that challenge the old ego. So, this is the inner conflict that plays itself out in our head chakras – the fight for spiritual insights and authenticity on the one hand and the resistance of our old ego that is not yet ready to accept some humbling insights on the other.

What kind of thoughts do we suppress when we suffer from head pressure?

Before I tell you what kind of thoughts people typically suppress, I need to give you a little warning. If you are a person with head pressure you will probably not like what I am about to tell you for the very reason that you have repressed these kinds of insights in the first place. But everything in this article is based on my work with hundreds of clients who had kundalini syndrome. All the clients who could take the following advice on board now have much less head pressure or none at all.

In my experience, most people with head pressure suppress self-critical thoughts. These people describe themselves as laid-back, easy going and even loving towards themselves. They do not criticise themselves and when others criticise them, they either completely ignore it or they get angry. However, in order to be a spiritually mature person, it is important that we clearly see our many flaws (without beating ourselves up about them) and then get to work to eliminate these flaws.

For people with low self-esteem, this is not difficult to do as they are usually too self-critical to start with. But it is those people who like themselves and have a high opinion of themselves who are most prone to pressure in the head chakras during the kundalini process. (If you do not like this insight, remember that I warned you! 🙂

So, how did my clients get rid of their head pressure?

In a nutshell, they started to be more self-critical – and in some cases an awful lot more self-critical. They had to give up many flattering beliefs about their cherished ego and adopt a loving but self-critical stance towards themselves – like a kind but strict parent. I admit that this task is not easily accomplished alone because nobody likes to criticise themselves. However, the successes that I had with my clients show that the dismantling of our overly cherished ego is the way to get rid of head pressure.

Feedback from Aaron, 27 years:

“I had been going through severe head pressure for over a year before I found Tara online. Within two sessions I had come to an understanding of what was happening to me and the tools to work through it. Two months after our sessions the pressure has been reduced by probably 80% and I feel eventually it will be gone completely. It’s worth mentioning as well that at this time I was having problems with a girl I fell in love with while I was travelling. I am Canadian and she is Colombian. We had broken up months
earlier because of our differences. Both of us heartbroken. I had blamed her the whole time. Tara showed me how it was equally my fault that it hadn’t worked out. I saw what she meant and accepted it. A few hours later the girl sent me a message for the first time in months, she acknowledged my point of view, took responsibility for the break up and asked for forgiveness. Two months later I am sitting in her apartment in Colombia
writing this testimony. Tara, thank you so much for doing what you do. You saved me from debilitating head pressure and gave me a second chance with the girl I love. I am forever grateful. Infinite thanks.”

Feedback from Ulrike

“Hi Tara I wanted to message you to say thank you for your post about kundalini pressure-in-head problem.  With all of my years of building up my self importance with self-helping it never occurred to me to break myself down and lessen my opinion of myself. Although I had the best intentions to help others on a large scale, I think somewhere along the line I unconsciously believed that “I have a very importance purpose” – as if it’s more important than anyone elses.

Recently I ended up with almost deliberating pressure in my head, I felt like someone was pumping air in my forehead it was so bad at times I felt like I was going crazy.  I finally went to the doctor who would only acknowledge it as a headache or deficiency and sent me for bloodwork… anyways I knew it was something spiritual that I needed to explore and figure out. Which lead me to you.

So after reading your blog about it, it hit me like a ton of bricks that – wow, maybe I’m not that important (at least compared to anyone else). Maybe I’m not so great (compared to anyone else). Maybe I don’t have a million things I need to accomplish in this life (compared to anyone else). Immediately, the pressure in my head decreased and a sense of relief came over me. It actually made me feel like I can relax more and enjoy my life and just be a human instead of trying to be this super-human I obviously am not.

Every time I feel the pressure rebuilding I just remind myself that “don’t worry, I’m not that important” (hilarious affirmation for me after decades of telling myself the reverse) and the pressure goes away again. It brings me back into the real world where we are all just doing our best and trying our hardest and are free to make mistakes and coast some times.

Thank you so much for this. I most certainly have saved your name in my phone as a future help resource for me or anyone I know of that could use your counselling services.”

Tara Springett is a fully qualified and licensed psychotherapist and Buddhist teacher who has specialised in working with people who have trouble with kundalini symptoms. To make an appointment click here

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