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Discover Your Personal Healing Symbols to Solve All Your Problems

by Tara Springett

Higher-Consciousness Healing is a highly effective self-help method that has already helped tens of thousands of people to overcome their emotional, physical and relationship problems. Even children have used this approach with very good results.

Higher-consciousness healing is based on Tibetan-Buddhist practices and principles but can be used by everyone who wishes to improve their problems quickly and effortlessly.

From the content:

  • Learn to make the contact with your higher consciousness which is the highest form of love and wisdom in the universe
  • Receive guidance from your higher consciousness in form of beautiful symbols
  • Heal your negative emotions by learning to dissolve them instead of repressing or re-living them
  • Follow step-by-step guidance to eliminate all self-loathing and replace it with genuine love for yourself
  • Improve your relationships in amazing ways by learning to penetrate other people with the love of your higher consciousness

Tara Springett M.A. is a Buddhist teacher and psychotherapist who has developed higher-consciousness healing in 1997. She has successfully helped her clients in many thousands of sessions with this wonderful tool. Tara is the author of numerous self-help books.

(This book was previously published as The Five-Minute Miracle)

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If there is such an easy method why have I not heard about it before?

Higher-Consciousness Healing takes the heart of Buddhist teachings and helps people from every background to use it to solve their personal problems. Buddhist teachers have taught the essence of Higher-Consciousness Healing for centuries. What is new is the packaging. There will be no religious jargon or foreign culture – Higher-Consciousness Healing is a practice that is suitable for people of every religious and spiritual background, as well as for non-religious people.

Is is difficult to practice?

Not at all. Higher-Consciousness Healing is so simple and easy that even children can practice it. Many children have used this practice to solve issues like anxiety, shyness and relationship problems.

Will I need to see a therapist?

Most people will not need a therapist. The book describes the entire practice in minute detail.  However, you can easily combine this practice with seeing a practitioner.

What other people say


I am very happy to have noticed this book. It is a very individual path to find personal healing symbols, which are right for the specific situation. These symbols come out of your own inner depth and trigger deeply pleasurable feelings. Furthermore, this method requires only very little time and it is really easy. Once you have read the book and have used the method you will not forget it for the rest of your life and you will have an incrdible tool at your disposal that has unlimited  use for every area of your life.

Absolutely, recommended and written in a very loving way!


For everyone who is in search for healing of anxiety and depression this book is an absolute must!

Everybody who is ready to work on themselves and uses the method that is described in this book in great detail and with many case studies will be certainly successful. But it is important to give this a proper try. For someone who has not dealt a lot with the topic of consciousness it can be unbelievable how easy it is to get rid of your problems.

I find this book beautifully written and would wish that this book is also available in more languages because I know many people who are suffering unnecessarily and would benefit from this book, which is full of love.

My recommendation is to read it, definitely!

By the way, the book is also helpful for people who are only indirectly involved in the problems of others (for example, family, partnership and friends etc.