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To find more information click here to have a look at Tara's book
To find more information click here to have a look at Tara’s book

When I was in my early thirties I had many wishes but most fervently I wished for a partner. Coming from a family where both my mother and my father were alcoholics and a childhood full of emotional rejection and physical and verbal abuse, I didn’t exactly have a lucky start in life and from my teens onwards I struggled with a huge amount of emotional and psychological problems. But my worst problem over many years was a heart-wrenching loneliness.

But there was one ray of light in my life and that was my commitment to the Buddhist path and over the years this ray developed into a massive beam that helped me to overcome all my problems. In this process I also became a therapist and combined my psychological training with my spiritual background in order to help my clients. Buddhism is not the austere religion that some people may imagine – in actual fact:

 Tibetan Buddhism embraces all desires and uses exactly this desire energy to develop us on our spiritual path and manifest our dreams simultaneously.

While most people believe that we can only do one thing at a time – namely being spiritual or fulfilling our desires – Tibetan Buddhism shows us a way to overcome this paradox and uses our desire energy to develop us on the spiritual path. Manifesting our dreams in this way gives us everything we want while we grow in love and compassion at the same time. The essence of the technique that I present in this book I have learnt from my Buddhist

But does it work?

Well, judge for yourselves – this is my story: I wished for a partner with whom I would be happy on ‘all levels’ – emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. I also wanted total commitment and of course sparkling chemistry. When I talked about my dream to my many married and unmarried girlfriends they all agreed on one point – that I
was being totally unrealistic. After all, I was getting on in years and surely all ‘the good men’ had already been taken.

Despite my friends’ pessimism, I added even more details to my dream. For example, I also dreamt about a beautiful house. The house was not even so important to me – it was more like the background to my lovely relationship. In my dream it had big french windows, a white-tiled balcony and overlooked a park with a beautiful lawn and dark conifers. At the time I lived in Germany and only very few people in that country own a house. The vast majority of people live in apartments and I did not know a single person who owned a house. So – yet again – wishing for a whole house was not very realistic.

But I was still undeterred. I also imagined that the house was at a lovely lake surrounded by gentle hills, which was again something that was impossible where I lived at the time. Housing policies in Germany do not permit houses being built around lakes because these areas are reserved for public recreation.

Another part of my dream was that I wanted to work as a Buddhist meditation teacher and self-employed psychotherapist and run sessions and meditation groups from home. Again, this was totally out of reach for me at the time: in Germany, Buddhist meditation teachings are only taught by monks or nuns and there was no chance for me to do this work. Working as a self-employed psychotherapist was not very realistic either because it would be difficult to make a living from this line of work.

So, the only ‘realistic’ part of my visualization was finding a partner – all my other wishes were highly unlikely to manifest. Nevertheless, guided by the teachings of my Buddhist teachers, I meditated daily on this vision for over four years.

Then one summer I went to England to take part in a meditation retreat. There I met my husband-to-be and we fell in love at first sight. It quickly became clear that it would be easier for me to join him in England as I spoke his language and he did not speak mine. So my husband-to-be set out to find us a place to live but I never told him about my fantasy of the lovely house at the lake.

When I visited my boyfriend in the following months he showed me a house that he wanted to buy for us and I got a shock – it was the house that I had visualized for years! There were the french windows and the white-tiled balcony overlooking a park with a neat lawn and dark conifers. There was even the lake with lovely hills in the distance. Everything was exactly as I had envisioned it.

My husband-to-be bought the house and we moved in. He kindly suggested that I should try to work as a self-employed psychotherapist because in England I was not qualified to work in my old line of work as a drugs counselor. Of course, I gratefully accepted. I also started to run a Buddhist meditation group because in England people accepted that a lay person can do this work. So, all my previously totally ‘unrealistic’ dreams had come true virtually at once.

But did it work out to be happy ‘on all levels’ with my husband? I can tell you after 15 years of marriage that the answer is a very joyful ‘yes’.

Ever since this amazing wish fulfilment my view of ‘reality’ has totally changed. I have experienced in my own life that we have the ability to call into existence what we wish for even though our dreams seem to totally defy all the odds.

‘Alright’, you may say, ‘this is a lovely story. But isn’t this just another book about manifestation and positive thinking? I have already read a few and they all say roughly the same. They just don’t work for me.’

This is not yet another book about positive thinking. This book is based on genuine Buddhist teachings – brought to us from a people in the Himalayas who produced more enlightened beings than most other cultures on this earth. Far too many people strive for material manifestations, only to quickly discover once accomplished, they still feel unsatisfied. If you look at the driving force behind any goal, you can easily see that all goals lead to the same destination – finding love and happiness. This book is about manifesting your dreams in such a way that you will find genuine happiness and love simultaneously.

What’s more, the manifestation technique described in this book has not only worked for myself. As a therapist and Buddhist teacher, I am in the privileged position of being able to work with many people and so I see on a daily basis whether these teachings bring results. I am pleased to tell you that many of my clients and students have manifested wonderful dreams by using the exact techniques outlined in this book. And these are dreams they had not been able to manifest despite years of trying – like having a baby, a career change, a successful business, a soulmate and many more wonderful goals.

I have now worked with manifesting for over twenty-five years in my own life and I can honestly say: There is nothing good in my life that I have not worked on beforehand with the manifestation technique outlined in this book. I have successfully worked on manifesting my marriage, my son, my work, my health, my house, my emotional well-being, my spiritual development – and even the way I look. My unhappy childhood and early adulthood are no more than a distant memory that does not affect me emotionally at all. I am at peace with my family even though I hardly see them and am deeply happy with the life that I have created for myself.

I truly believe that we all possess a wonderful wish-fulfilling gem that we can use to make our dreams come true. If you want to know how to use your own wish-fulfilling gem, as well, read on…
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