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Stairway to HeavenThe Stairway to Heaven

Nine Steps of Consciousness From Unawareness to Full Enlightenment 

by Tara Springett

THE STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN describes nine clearly defined stages of consciousness, which explain the development of each person starting from dreamlike unawareness to full enlightenment.

This book combines Tibetan Buddhist teachings with insights from transpersonal psychotherapy to offer a full understanding of people’s psychological, mental and spiritual development.

You will learn:

  • To recognise nine clearly defined stages of consciousness in yourself and everybody else
  • How people’s sense of self, their world view, their values and all their behaviours radically change at each stage of their development
  • What kind of help people need depending on their stage of consciousness
  • How to speed up your own development in every area of your life by applying the principles of the STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN 

Tara Springett M.A. is a qualified Buddhist teacher since 1997; a qualified psychotherapist since 1990 and a successful self-help book author. Tara has been helping clients from all over the world to find love, success and happiness by applying the nine stages of consciousness of the STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN.

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Review by Barbara: This is a psychological/spiritual book unlike any I have read before. I feel as though the author – Tara Springett – has moulded her theories after a lifetime of developing her own psychological and spiritual health as well as that of her many clients. I have read several of Tara’s other books – all highly recommend – yet this is arguably her best. Read more...

Stairway to Heaven