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Chakra Change Means Life Change

To find more information click here to have a look at Tara's book
To find more information click here to have a look at Tara’s book

In Tibetan Buddhism the term chakra is explained as five energy centres that are positioned in the middle of our body along our spine – in the head, throat, heart, solar plexus and navel.

The word chakra may sound esoteric but there is nothing esoteric about experiencing our chakras. In a moment of deep love, for example, we feel warmth in our chest which means that our heart chakra is open. When we are sexually aroused a similar dynamic happens in our navel chakra in our lower abdomen. And when we are totally happy it is a sign that all our chakras are open and well balanced.

On the other hand every physical and emotional pain corresponds with a closed or blocked chakra. Depression is usually connected to a blocked head and heart chakra. And anxiety often manifests in a blocked throat chakra or solar plexus chakra – leading to tight shoulders or the proverbial butterflies in the stomach.

Every thought, word, emotion and action leads to subtle or dramatic changes in our chakras and either allows them to open – leading to happiness – or forces them to close, resulting in a sense of suffering.

If we understand this dynamic it opens the way to dramatically improve our life. Normally we think, ‘if I only had this or that – then I would be happy’. But as we all know it is not always easy to get ‘this or that’. But if we look at our happiness from the viewpoint of our chakras then we are in a much more powerful position. We can say, ‘if I only could open my chakras then I would be happy’.  And the good news is that everybody can open their chakras.

Chakra Healing

Opening our chakras is not difficult but it needs consistent focus. Instead of clamouring 993975_the_chakrasafter the million things that we believe will make us happy, we simply sit back and smile into our five chakras with love.

When we focus in this way on our head chakra, we will over time experience more bliss, mental clarity, more creative and intelligent ideas, more wisdom and eventually clairvoyance.

When we focus on our throat chakra we will experience that low confidence and fear of public speaking disappear and we will find ourselves full of joy and buoyantly confident, able to communicate with anybody.

When our heart chakra has been opened with this persistent gentle focus we will experience an overall feeling of happiness and even bliss. We feel a deep sense of love whether we are in a relationship or not and our world will feel in order even if there are challenges to be overcome.

When we focus on our solar plexus chakra we feel deep peace and all our fears will disappear.

The navel chakra gives us a sense of strength and power to tackle and succeed at anything, including our sexuality.

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