Kundalini Healing

Kundalini Therapy

Kundalini therapy is currently offered by Tara Springett and Nigel Springett.

We are both fully qualified psychotherapists and counsellors* and have specialised in helping people with kundalini syndrome or spiritual crisis.

We have been successful in helping over a thousand people all over the world to reduce and completely eliminate problematic kundalini symptoms.

We both have active kundalini and can therefore empathise with your process. Together we have had almost all of the symptoms listed below and have learnt to overcome them all. We now usually only experience the positive side of the kundalini which is a great blessing.

New clients will be allocated to Tara or Nigel dependent on who has the next vacancy.

Kundalini symptoms that can be alleviated with higher-consciousness healing

  • General confusion and sense of being in turmoil
  • Amplified emotions like strong despair, anger, sadness, depression and fear
  • Anxiety, panic and stress
  • Disconcerting paranormal experiences like hearing voices or seeing visions (we will also explain to you in detail why these kundalini symptoms are very different from ordinary mental disease)
  • Physical symptoms like unexplained pains, energy running through the body, pressure, jerking and buzzing
  • Exhaustion and chronic fatigue
  • Over-sensitivity against sense stimuli
  • Sexual over-arousal
  • Sexual confusion
  • Emergence of traumatic material from childhood or past life
  • Fear of dying
  • Fear of going mad
  • Head pressure (can be a bit tricky)
  • Picking up too much negativity from one’s surrounding and other people
  • Insomnia (a short period of medication may sometimes be necessary)
  • Learning to live with active kundalini in a world that does not understand this state
  • Relationship problems (arising from your kundalini awakening and also in general)
  • Change in your career and problems at your work place
  • Feeling of being stuck in life

In addition I can also help you with non-kundalini related problems such as:

  • Weight management and problems with food and eating
  • Body image issues
  • Problems with self-confidence and lack of self-esteem
  • Bereavement
  • Manifesting your dreams

How we work

In our session we will teach you to manage, change and heal your own energy system. In the kundalini process it can be dangerous to let other people interfere with your energies as you could be picking up unwanted material from a healer even if he or she is well-intended.

We will always start with the more emotional or psychological aspects of your suffering. We will do this with the technique of higher consciousness healing which is based on Tibetan Buddhist meditations techniques. Simultaneously, we will explain to you what kundalini is and why you do not need to be afraid of it. It is in fact a great gift and virtually all our clients are able to appreciate this truth once we have finished the sessions.

In our experience all physical symptoms readily subside once the psychological work is done. If that is not the case we will work with the physical symptoms themselves. This will also be done through higher-consciousness healing.

How long will it take?

Most clients work for a number of months with us but we do not need to meet every week. You will get exercises to do between sessions and the healing takes place through practicing these exercises.

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Cost of the sessions

Sessions for kundalini therapy take place once a week or twice a month (or less often) and cost 61 Great British Pounds, 88 Euros or 110 US Dollars an hour (payable by paypal). They can be done face-to-face in Okehampton, England or via skype/phone. Concessions are available – please ask.

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Tara speaks fluent English and German.

* Tara has qualified in Germany under German law