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Tara SpringettTara offers Kundalini Therapy

by Tara Springett

In my work as a kundalini therapist I have been successful in helping people all over the world to reduce and completely eliminate problematic kundalini symptoms. Generally speaking, my clients find my appraoch very effective and become able to alleviate and also eliminate their symptoms within a few weeks or months.

My background

I have been in my own kundalini process for almost 30 years and I will be able to empathise with your problems because I know them from my own experience.

Secondly, I have mastered my kundalini process in the sense that all my challenging aspects have subsided for many years and I am now experiencing the positive side of the kundalini, which is increased wisdom, bliss, creativity, manifesting power and ability to help others. In the sessions with me I will show you how to access these positive aspects of a kundalini awakening, as well.

My own kundalini awakening combined with being a fully trained psychotherapist and Buddhist teacher makes for a unique combination and enables me to explain to you the many questions you may have around your unique experience and about kundalini awakening in general. It also enables me to guide you on a path of healing so that you can reduce and eliminate all your symptoms.

Teaching you instead of interfering with your energy system

Once the kundalini is flowing, it is risky to allow any energy healer, no matter how well-intended, to interfere with your energy system because you may be picking up unwanted material from them. Also, any form of energy healing like reiki or acupuncture can make matters much worse rather than better.

Therefore, I will never interfere with your energy system but teach you to how to heal and manage it yourself. The way we will be doing this is like is:

  1. The method of Higher Consciousness Healing uses pure love as the healing agent. This method is completely safe and has never produced any negative side effects in any of my clients. My experience of working with kundalini clients has demonstrated that physical symptoms subside once emotional, spiritual and relationship related challenges have been dealt with. So we will start with the more psychological issues and then move on to the more physical symptoms if they have not already disappeared.
  2. I will explain to you how the kundalini works and why it produces the peculiar symptoms in your body and mind. This knowledge in itself will lessens many fears about what is going on with you and enable you to self-manage more successfully.
  3. Many kundalini clients inadvertently increase their symptoms by misuse or overuse of certain spiritual practices.Together we will try to find out if there is anything you do that is aggravating your symptoms. Once you we have found this out you should see a sudden lessening of your symptoms.

Kundalini symptoms that can be alleviated 

  • General confusion and sense of being in turmoil
  • Amplified emotions like strong despair, anger, sadness and fear
  • Anxiety and panic
  • Disconcerting paranormal experiences like hearing voices or seeing visions (I will also explain to you in detail why these kundalini symptoms are very different from ordinary mental disease)
  • Disconcerting physical symptoms like unexplained pains, energy running through the body, jerking and buzzing
  • Over-sensitivity against sense stimuli
  • Sexual over-arousal
  • Emergence of traumatic material from one’s childhood or past life
  • Fear of dying
  • Fear of going mad
  • Picking up too much negativity from one’s surrounding and other people
  • Insomnia (a short period of medication may sometimes be necessary)

How long will it take?

In general, you should see a dramatic improvement with your most challenging symptom within 3 to 6 sessions. Once you understand the way I work, subsequent symptoms often disappear at an even faster rate.

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Cost of the sessions

Sessions for kundalini therapy take place once a week or twice a month and cost 50 Great British Pounds, 65 Euros or 90 US Dollars an hour (payable by paypal). They can be done face-to-face in Okehampton, England or over the phone or skype.

I have worked successfully with clients on the phone or skype from all over the world. Calls are very cheap from the UK – therefore telephone charges are included in the price to most countries. I will be phoning you. Concessions are available for those out of work, students and people who come from countries with an unfavourable currency exchange rate. Please talk to me about this.

Schedule an appointment or a free chat:

To schedule an appointment for kundalini healing or a free non-obligatory 20 minute chat use the form here. Give me your contact information and three days and times that you are available and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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