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Testimonials for Kundalini Healing

These are testimonials from clients who came to see me because they suffered from kundalini symptoms. I have changed peoples’ names but have retained their original emails for proof.

Bertram, 41 years

When I approached Tara, I was in a desperate situation. I was four years into a Kundalini activation, and had had a really rough time adapting to my new condition. The most difficult aspect of my condition was the strongly negative emotions that I had been experiencing ever since my activation. These included anxiety, fear, paranoia, anger, and debilitating self-loathing.

In my very first session with Tara, she taught me a meditation technique for calming my emotions, and I began practicing it diligently. I continued to have skype sessions with her every week for three months, and over the course of that time, I experienced a significant diminution in the intensity of my negative emotions. Most importantly, the meditation technique introduced me to a kind of active, conscious self-love that I had never before experienced in my life. I came to understand that self-love is the key to a safe and healthy kundalini process, and Tara’s guidance was invaluable in helping me reach this understanding.

Now, seven months after my first session with Tara, I no longer need to have regular sessions, because I am a lot calmer, and able to trust the process. Tara has an amazing understanding of the kundalini process, and she is a no-nonsense, yet very caring, non-judgmental, and compassionate, teacher. I highly recommend her to anyone who is having difficulties with their kundalini activation.

Alan, 26 years

Our first meeting about my kundalini symptoms has been positive. I am able to function better and some of my concentration is better. I feel lot less depressed, too and my sleep seems already better. So it is good 🙂

Berta, 63 years

In in my early 30’s I had a spontaneous and oh so overwhelming Kundalini experience.  Unfortunately, there were no Tara Springett’s around at the time. I turned to serious yogic or buddhist practionners only to be told ‘Wow, that’s really cool!’. Often they would glorify the experience or myself, which was definitely not what I wanted, and even less what I needed.  As for literature on the topic, well, it was pitiful. So I gave up searching for quite some years.

Not knowing what was happening at the time of my awakening, nor that I was mishandling this powerful and so seductive energy, I ended up worsening things by inadvertently amplifying it. The result was a series of unwanted physical and mental health issues. Among other experiences, I felt like my past personal wounds where all amplified.  Since I had no knowledge or guidance to properly direct this beautiful Kundalini energy, for the years to follow I strived to be ‘normal’ like everyone else in my loving family.  This just resulted in my self-esteem slipping away, as well as a very real sense that my spirit and energy level were being pulled down.  Sweeping the whole thing under the rug just didn’t work !! I had to own up to this unique and so beautifully powerful experience ! But how? And more importantly, how do I integrate this gift from the universe so that I can offer it back ?

This past year, I did a web search on kundalini and came across Tara Springett’s book Enlightenment Through the Path of kundalini: A Tibetan-Buddhist Guide for Safe Awakening. Her experiential and Buddhist knowledge blended with her very grounded approach spoke so much  to me.  It was the first time I came across someone who not only knew what she was talking about but who was also trained by a Tibetan master as to how to heal misdirected kundalini!  Wow, just writing this brings back all the excitement of reading her book. I felt validated, understood, and just wanted more. I felt I could finally trust someone to guide me to my full recovery. So I contacted Tara and we did a number of Skype sessions realigning both psychologically and energetically my misdirected paths. Her guidance, compassion, and most of all her blend of psychological as well as energetic knowledge and skills have brought me to a place where I feel whole and empowered again. Yes, there were other resources that also accompanied this deep healing, yet I could not have done it fully without Tara’s guidance. All my deepest gratitude Tara.

Magda, 27 years

Tara’s guidance and meditations have helped me decrease physical pain, lessen painful emotions, improve my studying, and decrease suffering in general.

Carla, 26 years

I began seeing Tara 4 months ago because I was in the throes of an unexpected and unwanted kundalini awakening. I had been dealing with extreme anxiety for years and this brought it to the point where I couldn’t function. I left my job and though I had a more positive direction in mind for work I was paralyzed by fear. After many years of counselling in all different forms I have found that my work with Tara has truly brought me success in my healing. Other teachers and methods allowed me to survive and basically taught me how to cope with my problems but not to heal and grow beyond them. Tara gives you the tools and then the power is in your hands. The more you practice and use her techniques the more wonderful changes you see within yourself and the world around you. I also love that I have now developed stronger discipline and a meditation practice that is both useful and enjoyable. I am realizing my dream of running my own healing center to help others who are in difficult situations and I can look towards the future with nothing but excitement. Tara is compassionate, professional, punctual, intuitive and brilliant in my eyes. I had my final session today and I am walking away with a skill-set that I am confident can carry me through any of life’s challenges.

Charlene, 41 years

I enjoyed working with Tara! It was very important to have someone to work with who was kundalini competent and Tara is—she has loads of experience and knows exactly what kundalini symptoms look like. I found this extremely validating. She taught me how to do various exercises that I took with me and incorporated them into my daily living. Thank YOU!!

Aaron, 42 years

I can only recommend Tara. If you had a spiritual, transcendent experience and suddenly you feel energy in our body, then this can be very frightening. I am very happy that I have found Tara. I was very frightened of the energy, which I felt in my body. Tara has helped me to transform this fear through a special exercise. She has also accompanied me in a professional way in my transformation process. For me that was mainly a change in my career. I am very grateful for Tara’s support.

Beth, 42 years

Tara was forth coming on how we could collaborate to explore the process. Her knowledge and support provided guidance and ease. Thank you Tara!

Belinda, 48 years

Working with Tara has been a life changing experience for me. She has helped me addressing my energy issues and she has taught me to see things from new perspectives, which has been inspirational. Tara has guided me how to act out of love and compassion and she has shown me  through meditation to identify the core of my problems and then through individualized introspective work I have been given tools to progressively change my life for the best. Thanks Tara.

Anna, 27 years

I came to Tara Springett under the weight of severe anxiety and feelings of depression in my kundalini process. I was stuck on the life path and needed some help getting moving again. Tara provided practical tools to accomplish this task which resulted in massively reduced levels of anxiety and the removal of my feelings of despair. On top of this Tara helped me repair my relationships with family members and gave me the tools to deal positively with work place issues. I am deeply grateful to Tara for her advice, support and compassion.

Jacob, 50 years

Many thanks for your competent and empathetic help and your professional way of working. I felt understood and accepted and could accept and use  your help very well. This has helped me very much within the shortest period of time.

Jason 26 years

In my relatively short experience with living with an awakened kundalini I have come to know that it is not always easy and can at times be confusing and often scary. My personal experience was initially very jarring but I have been really blessed by how my journey had unfolded thus far. In the sessions I shared with Tara she has helped me to understand many of my experiences in a new light and has been able to offer me techniques, which will help me to live harmoniously with this evolutionary energy within me. It is wonderful to know there is somebody with a lifetime of experience of living with kundalini to whom I can turn to whenever I may need a guiding word on this amazing journey. Many thanks for everything with loving kindness!

Michael, 27 years

During the autumn 2013 I had a very strong kundalini experience, which completely derailed my life. During a longer period of time I had paralysing fears and insomnia. Tara has helped me a lot to understand the nature of the kundalini and she also gave me methods to overcome the insomnia and anxiety. A big part of the anxiety in my kundalini process was due to the ignorance of how the kundalini effects my mind. Through Tara’s explanations I was able to understand the kundalini as a part of myself and integrate it. In that way, I could overcome my fears.

Danielle, 27 years

The sessions with Tara were helpful to me because they gave me a clearer understanding of what was going on. Tara has helped me to  better understand many of my problems and this has undoubtedly made it easier for me to deal with them. She has a deep understanding and knowledge of the kundalini process and the different challenges that may arise.

Hannah, 33 years

It has helped me to learn that kundalini is not dangerous in itself and that many people were able to deal with, Tara included. This information has taken a lot of my fears away.

Andrew, 31 years

“I contacted Tara because I was experiencing an uncomfortable feeling in my body during my meditation and mindfulness exercises. Sometimes I could feel a strong energy going up and down my body giving me a feeling of anxiety and panic and even pain at times.  Tara helped me to see what was going on, she offered kind, clear and gentle insights and explained to me a new way to understand the energy and my feelings. She has been particularly helpful using tools and visualization techniques to teach me how to progress in my psychological and spiritual growth. It’s a fact that within few months Tara  gave me some powerful strategies, which enabled me to cope with many situations and understand myself better.”

Allison, 33 years

I am feeling well. I have found our sessions very, very helpful! The breath work for anxiety was particularly helpful. I am continuing to practice your manifesting and breathing techniques and they are really effective.

Juliet, 58 years

The journey of kundalini energy can be very lonely and at times frightening. Finding Tara was like finding a ray of light at the end  of the tunnel. Not only is she compassionate and kind but turns what  seems like madness into sanity and has a very down to earth approach to the whole process using her own unique healing method. I could not recommend her more highly.

Arthur, 49 years

In the fall of 1997 I was blessed with a profound Kundalini awakening that has dramatically transformed my life. I am deeply grateful to have found Tara; her experiential knowledge of Kundalini has been extremely helpful.

Through Tara’s guidance, specifically the practice of her unique higher consciousness healing method, I have come to a much greater understanding of the blessings of Kundalini as well as how to develop a healthy relationship with this gift. What is of most benefit to me is Tara’s gentle teachings that point to love as the foundation of all healing. Thank you Tara for your wisdom.

John, 35 years

I don’t believe in miracles but the ‘Five minute miracle’ works. After going through a powerful and disorientating kundalini awakening finding Tara was the anchor back to reality and the beginning of a clearer understanding of what was happening.
Her healing techniques and advice got me grounded and strong again.  I whole-heartedly recommend Tara Springett.

Jane, 41 years

I am doing well and using your exercise every day.  The energy seems to be much more stable now. Thank you so very much for your help!

Barbara, 45 years

I  have been living with Kundalini  for the past eight years.  There have been many times that it has been a tremendously difficult, challenging and lonely journey for me.  I had a premature awakening of Kundalini  with no preparation and very little support and guidance  in the months and years that followed  after this tremendous force of  life energy erupted in my body.

Since the beginning  of my journey with kundalini,  every aspect of my person  has been  substantially altered.  That is to say that the energy has had a tremendous impact on my physical, mental and emotional  health. In the earlier years there were a number of  periods when I was very unwell,  as I struggled to adapt to this enormous power of energy within my body.

I have lived for eight years with considerable pain owing to my difficulty in adapting to the energy,  and the resistances that it has met within me. Because of the exceedingly difficult experience, which I had  when the energy prematurely opened  within me,  and the ongoing pain  that has followed, I have often been resentful and angry that I was chosen to live with kundalini.

This was made more difficult for me because I attributed my awakening of Kundalini to an encounter with a spiritual teacher who I did not have a trusting and healthy relationship with. This teacher  confirmed to me that he had awakened the kundalini  within me  by means of the shaktipat touch.

Recently I sought help for myself  because I was experiencing a lot of pain with the kundalini process. I came across Tara’s website and organised a meeting with her by telephone.

In the work which I carried out with her over four cessions,  I feel that I made very significant progress in confronting some deeply held fears within me.  These fears related to  my sub conscious attachment to the spiritual teacher  whom I was still in connection with at a mental level. I was also extremely uncomfortable owing to the pain I was experiencing in my body.

After working with Tara  I was able to successfully detach  from my unhealthy relationship with the spiritual master  and take back the power that I had given to him. I found great  consolation  physically, mentally and emotionally when  I turned fully to God, relying  solely on his guidance to direct me.

Since undertaking this work with Tara, I have been a lot more comfortable since the pain in my body has significantly decreased  and  as my health has improved, my self esteem has also begun to strengthen.

I also experienced a great source of inner strength  from being able to share my  experience of Kundalini with another person who gives genuine guidance from her own experience of this energy.  This was extremely helpful because it has never been easy to talk to friends and even family about my journey with kundalini,  and medics have always put my symptoms down to mental health issues, which has been further isolating.

Since I have become more accepting of the energy,  I have been able to pay more attention to the subtle changes, which  it has been making within me. Although the process continues to be very challenging, I can acknowledge the enormous growth, which I continue to make,  and I take courage in knowing that as long as I am open to the teaching  of the kundalini, I am moving ever close to God.

This helps me to be  ever more at peace with myself  as my  greatest desire  is to love and live in  perfect union with God.

Michael, 34 years

“After having a completely unexpected and very powerful Kundalini awakening I was left extremely confused and at times terrified! Tara has helped me to get my feet back on the ground, not get so worked up about everything that’s been happening and to actually embrace the change that I’m working through. I do Tara’s higher conciousness exercise every day and it really helps – I would recommend it to everyone even without the turbulent Kundalini awakening! Thank you!”

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