Manifesting Your Dreams

How to make your wishes come true

*10 minutes a day*

Step 1: Define Your Wish
  • Write down all the details of your wish that you want to manifest - the clearer you know what you want, the better.
  • For example, you may write "I would like to meet my life-partner" and then list all the details about how you want your relationship to be.
  • Next, we need to combine our personal wish with how this will benefit others, too. Doing this sounds more complicated than it is. For example, if we want to start a business we first think about all its wonderful aspects that we wish for and write them on our list. Then we continue our list with all the benefits that others will receive through our successful business, as well. For example, we wish that others will be happy by receiving great products at a fair price etc.
  • Or, if we want to find a partner we write down how we, as a couple, can then bring happiness to others, too. For example, our happiness may enable us to be more supportive to our friends and family.
  • Why is this love for others so important? Because love adds an enormous amount of energy to our desire and it is exactly this energy that will draw into our life whatever we want.
Step 2: Imagine Your Wish is Already Fulfilled
  • Now, you need to close your eyes, then imagine and visualise your perfect situation. However, simply visualising is not enough.
  • The key is to evoke and feel all the emotions that you want to feel once your aim is achieved.
  • In other words, in your visualisation you need to feel as happy as if your wish is already fulfilled.
  • It is this very emotional intensity that will draw your wish towards you, so it is important to feel strong, passionate feelings about your desire.
  • An example is visualising that you are in a happy relationship, and let the feelings flow through your body that you would feel when you are actually in love.
  • Finally, bring into your visualisation the important aspect of how your wish will benefit others - so if you want to find a partner, first imagine your wonderful relationship and then imagine how as a couple you will bring happiness to others, too. For example, imagine how your relationship enables you to make a positive difference to the world.
  • Practice this emotionally charged imagination every day for at least 10 minutes.
Step 3: Do Everything That Common Sense Dictates to Make Your Wish Come True
  • Unfortunately, you can't just sit at home and hope that the universe will simply deliver to your doorstep whatever you are visualising. You still have to go out and do exactly what common sense dictates to find the fulfilment of your dreams.
  • So if you are looking for a partner, you have to go and meet people, or if you want to start a successful business you have to work efficiently.
  • However, with your entire mental and emotional energy behind you, as described in Step 2, you are much more likely to be successful. You will meet more 'lucky' opportunities, meet more people who are willing to help you and you will have stamina where others have long given up.
  • In that way, it will only be a matter of time until your dream manifests. During this time, be as patient and positive as you can, and only talk about your dream to people who are very supportive.
Overcoming Resistance
  • Unfortunately, all the visualisation in the world will not bring us what we want if we cannot get to the bottom of our unconscious resistance that may be holding us back.
  • Therefore, notice how you feel when you visualise your wish and especially notice even the slightest resistance against your wish, in the form of the most shadowy doubts, aversions or fears.
  • Keep altering your wish images until these inner resistances have disappeared. If you discover negative ideas about yourself that stand in the way of your wish, send love to yourself and wish yourself to be happy until these barriers disappear.
  • If other people appear in your mind who you feel oppose your wish, send love to them as well by wishing them to be happy. You will find that their resistance to your happiness will quickly melt away.
  • All of my clients, without exception, discover these unconscious barriers. By sending love to themselves and to the people who opposed their dreams they were able to overcome these obstacles. Most of them went on to manifest whatever appeared impossible before: a partner, a new business, a career change, a baby. Witnessing such 'miracles' is one of the most rewarding aspects of my work.
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